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Keeping Families Smiling

Knowing they are safe and protected! 

Our Mission

LegacyArmour is here to give every person peace of mind knowing that their future wishes are fulfilled and their loved ones are protected.

Our Passion

We Breath, Sleep, and Dream security and protection so that you don’t have to.


Our Promise

Your information will be delivered to the people you tell us to deliver it to. Guaranteed! And we’ll aggressively protect it until then.

Our Life

Our family is the most important thing to us. We use our experience to give you the same protection that we provide for our own family.


A Cyber Security Company at Heart

Designed from the beginning to protect your information

We worked for years trying to design a way where only the information owner and their designated recipients could view protected information. We are trusted cyber security professionals known in both the security and academic networks for our credible and sound approach toward Security & Privacy. Other companies start as marketing organizations looking for opportunities to up-sell clients; We don't! 

We have 3 Security patents pending for the following features, all included in the LegacyArmour service:

  • Ensuring only you and loved ones can view protected information.
  • Information is protected even before it leaves your computer to prevent hackers capturing its content.
  • Information is automatically delivered to designated recipients based on your own criteria.

From our family to yours

Both of us have personally lost family assets and both spent literally years searching for missing policies and accounts that we had been verbally told about, but for which there was no information. 

We looked for a service that had all of the services we wanted, but they were all lacking in one way or another, so we decided to build LegacyArmour to protect our family.

We jointly made a promise to protect our own families from dealing with that and have created vaults for each loved child, with access to life insurance policies, bank account information, images, videos and all important documents for them to retrieve on their 18th birthday even if we were not around.

Our Unique service is now available to you and your family!

Who we are


Sahar Ismail

Chief Executive Officer

Masters in Security Technologies from the University of Minnesota and adjunct Cyber Security Professor with experience in leadership, Insurance, Finance and International Commerce.  20 years of hands-on IT experience, multi-lingual, a seasoned executive and is the driving force behind the creation of LegacyArmour.  


Michael Lester

Chairman & Marketing Officer

U.S. Naval Academy decorated Marine Corps officer as a pilot and later as an IT and leadership instructor at the Naval Academy. A MENSA member, 2 Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and MBA. Certified Privacy Professional (CIPP/US) and a Certified Information Security Manager (CISM).  


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